Wednesday 1 April 2009

Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks Videos

Currently there are 57 Videos and it appears that although a new resource on the web via CADALYST that Lynn has been producing these on a Tuesday for some time as she opens every video with Welcome to Tips & Tricks Tuesday” a few videos back she comments that its now every other Tuesday.

Below is a taste of the subjects she covers, visit the web site to check them out!

Quickly Locate the Objects You Need

Quick Select is a powerful command that can be used to find specific objects (or groups of objects) based on their properties. This underused command has been in AutoCAD for many releases and is certain to save you time while editing!

Copy AutoCAD Layouts

Using this feature that's been part of AutoCAD going back many releases, you can quickly and easily copy/import layout tabs from any existing DWG file into your current drawing.

Using Tracking (TK) in AutoCAD

Don't waste your time drawing construction lines. See how Tracking can save you extra steps in AutoCAD! (Works with AutoCAD 2009 and several previous releases.)

Reverse Search for Xrefs

We all know how to find the external references (xrefs) attached to an AutoCAD drawing -- but have you ever wanted to do the reverse -- that is, find all the drawing files a specific file is attached to? This tip will show you how!

Customize AutoCAD's File Settings

Use AutoCAD's File dialog box and the FILEDIA system variable to manage your files and maximize productivity. (Works with AutoCAD going back many versions.)

Express Tools -- BlockReplace & Ncopy

Use these handy features to replace one block definition with another in a drawing and copy nested objects. (Works in AutoCAD going back many releases.

Restore Lost UI Elements

AutoCAD dialog boxes, toolbars, and command lines gone missing -- it's an occasional problem for some users and more common for those who have dual monitors. Here's the fix.

Tips for Tables

Check out this batch of tips for AutoCAD tables, which have been around for several AutoCAD releases. Learn to use Autofill, which came along in AutoCAD 2008.

Delete Layer Filters

Too many layer filters in your AutoCAD drawings can really slow you down. Use these two commands to control the number of layer filters.

DC Online and Autodesk Seek

Use Design Center Online and the new Autodesk Seek to grab existing content from the Internet to incorporate in your drawings. (DC Online works with AutoCAD 2000 and later.)

Maximize Viewports, Minimize Effort

Quickly edit objects within a viewport without modifying the scale factor. (AutoCAD 2005 and later)

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