Thursday 19 February 2009

AutoCad 2009 Training CD / DVD

I've found the Apex Web Media Computer Training Software web site that is offering the first 3 chapters of its CD/DVD AutoCad 2009 Tutorial Videos for FREE to enable you to evaluate the quality of the video's before you buy.

The First 3 chapters are:-

Introduction , The User Interface - AutoCAD 2009 Style! & Drafting Settings

The remainder of the Tutorials on the CD / DVD cover:-

Modelspace & Paperspace, Zooming & Panning Easily!, Creating a Basic Drawing Title Block, Adding Text & Attributes to the Title Block, Converting the Title Block into an AutoCAD Block, Using Viewports in the Layout Tabs, Converting the Drawing (DWG) to a Drawing Template (DWT), Setting Up the Drawing in Modelspace (Model), Drawing in Modelspace, Dimensioning, Setting Up in the Layout Tab, Annotative Dimensioning, Layouts & Page Setups, Plotting Your Drawing, Publishing Your Drawing & a Wrap Up which covers what was covered on the CD/DVD and final thoughts.

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