Monday 7 December 2009

Autodesk Education Community Softwaredownload

Free Software for Students and Faculty members!!! Instruction in English
The movie will show you how to register on the Education Community (Student Community) and download a Autodesk software .

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks Videos

Currently there are 57 Videos and it appears that although a new resource on the web via CADALYST that Lynn has been producing these on a Tuesday for some time as she opens every video with Welcome to Tips & Tricks Tuesday” a few videos back she comments that its now every other Tuesday.

Below is a taste of the subjects she covers, visit the web site to check them out!

Quickly Locate the Objects You Need

Quick Select is a powerful command that can be used to find specific objects (or groups of objects) based on their properties. This underused command has been in AutoCAD for many releases and is certain to save you time while editing!

Copy AutoCAD Layouts

Using this feature that's been part of AutoCAD going back many releases, you can quickly and easily copy/import layout tabs from any existing DWG file into your current drawing.

Using Tracking (TK) in AutoCAD

Don't waste your time drawing construction lines. See how Tracking can save you extra steps in AutoCAD! (Works with AutoCAD 2009 and several previous releases.)

Reverse Search for Xrefs

We all know how to find the external references (xrefs) attached to an AutoCAD drawing -- but have you ever wanted to do the reverse -- that is, find all the drawing files a specific file is attached to? This tip will show you how!

Customize AutoCAD's File Settings

Use AutoCAD's File dialog box and the FILEDIA system variable to manage your files and maximize productivity. (Works with AutoCAD going back many versions.)

Express Tools -- BlockReplace & Ncopy

Use these handy features to replace one block definition with another in a drawing and copy nested objects. (Works in AutoCAD going back many releases.

Restore Lost UI Elements

AutoCAD dialog boxes, toolbars, and command lines gone missing -- it's an occasional problem for some users and more common for those who have dual monitors. Here's the fix.

Tips for Tables

Check out this batch of tips for AutoCAD tables, which have been around for several AutoCAD releases. Learn to use Autofill, which came along in AutoCAD 2008.

Delete Layer Filters

Too many layer filters in your AutoCAD drawings can really slow you down. Use these two commands to control the number of layer filters.

DC Online and Autodesk Seek

Use Design Center Online and the new Autodesk Seek to grab existing content from the Internet to incorporate in your drawings. (DC Online works with AutoCAD 2000 and later.)

Maximize Viewports, Minimize Effort

Quickly edit objects within a viewport without modifying the scale factor. (AutoCAD 2005 and later)

Thursday 19 February 2009

AutoCad 2009 Training CD / DVD

I've found the Apex Web Media Computer Training Software web site that is offering the first 3 chapters of its CD/DVD AutoCad 2009 Tutorial Videos for FREE to enable you to evaluate the quality of the video's before you buy.

The First 3 chapters are:-

Introduction , The User Interface - AutoCAD 2009 Style! & Drafting Settings

The remainder of the Tutorials on the CD / DVD cover:-

Modelspace & Paperspace, Zooming & Panning Easily!, Creating a Basic Drawing Title Block, Adding Text & Attributes to the Title Block, Converting the Title Block into an AutoCAD Block, Using Viewports in the Layout Tabs, Converting the Drawing (DWG) to a Drawing Template (DWT), Setting Up the Drawing in Modelspace (Model), Drawing in Modelspace, Dimensioning, Setting Up in the Layout Tab, Annotative Dimensioning, Layouts & Page Setups, Plotting Your Drawing, Publishing Your Drawing & a Wrap Up which covers what was covered on the CD/DVD and final thoughts.

Monday 16 February 2009

CAD Digest Tutorials

Links to thousands of CAD, CAM & CAE articles collected from all over the Web!

These topics are hyperlinked to the CAD Digest Pages

3D (see also: Solid Modeling below)
AutoCAD and the Web
CAD Corner
Drawing Commands
Drawing Aids
File Formats
Modify Commands
Paper Space and Model Space
Sheet sets
Solid Modeling
UCS ~ User Coordiinate Systems
Undocumented Commands
Units, Scales

Cadalyst LT On-line

These tutorials are great for new users to AutoCAD LT although many of the areas covered also apply to full blown AutoCAD. Written by Mark Middlebrook.

Lesson 1: Drawing Setup, part 1
Lesson 2: Drawing Setup, part 2
Lesson 3: From LT to Word
Lesson 4: Sending Drawing Files
Lesson 5: Drawing Setup:paper space
Lesson 6: Make and use blocks
Lesson 7: Another trip around the block
Lesson 8: Fill-in-the-Blank Blocks: Attributes
Lesson 9: Xrefs: blocks writ large
Lesson 10: Managing your xrefs
Lesson 11: Xrefs: layers, loading, and logs
Lesson 12: Why Line when you can Pline?
Lesson 13: Select and edit objects
Lesson 14: More command-first editing
Lesson 15: Stretch out with the Stretch command
Lesson 16: A Plotting Primer
Lesson 17: Plotting Layouts, Plotting to Scale, and Plot Preview
Lesson 18: Plot Styles, Plotting Lineweights, and Plotting in Color
Lesson 19: Plotting: details and dénoument
Lesson 20: Sending drawing files revisited

AutoCAD CADClips for FREE

Daryle Gregoire is a CAD Trainer and Architectural Designer based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. He has been using Autodesk products since 1988 . He has a number of Blogs including REVIT Rocks, Learn ADT, Learn AutoCAD & Sketchup Rocks!

This is a MUST VISIT web site - so much information.

I bought a full site subscription to this site, so that I could get his Revit CADClips but all his AutoCAD CADClips are FREE to download.

AutoCAD 2008 - Video Reference
AutoCAD 2007 3D - Dimensioning
AutoCAD 2007 - 3D
AutoCAD 2006 - Level Two 3D
AutoCAD 2006 - Level Two
AutoCAD 2006 - Dynamic Blocks
AutoCAD 2006 - CADclips
AutoCAD 2004/2005 - Level One
AutoCAD 2005 - New Features
AutoCAD 2004 - New Features

Sunday 15 February 2009

Educational Copy 13 month licence for FREE

One of my trainee technicians has informed me of something very interesting.

His lecturer has told the student on his course to login and download the Autodesk software they need so that they can learn how to use it and produce material for their coursework for FREE.

You need to have an educational email address to do this, but most students are given these when they start their course these days.

Here is the link to the Student Engineering & Design Community :-

As with most Autodesk educational software there is a plot stamp embedded within the files produced that states that the drawing has been produced by an educational version.

So make sure that your students know that they are to keep their learning copy at home and the office copy (should you have one) well away from each other i.e. don’t use any files from or produced by the educational version on real work.

Can I Run Lisp Routines in AutoCAD LT?


You can add LISP to AutocAD LT with drcauto's add-on program
Check it out at

Mucky Balls

Tips and Tricks

for those of you that don't have an optical mouse.....

If your cursor no longer moves smoothly across the screen (e.g., as you move the mouse, the cursor hangs briefly and then shoots across the screen), then you probably need to clean your mouse's innards. Fortunately, the procedure isn't as disgusting as it sounds.

Many books tell you to clean the mouse ball, but the problem usually results from dirty mouse ball rollers. Here's how to clean them:

1) Turn the mouse over and remove the little cover that keeps the ball from falling out
2) Remove the mouse ball. If it does happen to be dirty, clean it.
3) Look inside the hole where the mouse ball lives. You should see three little rollers, and they'll probably be caked with crud. Use a dull, non-abrasive object (e.g., the end of a small screwdriver or you finger nail if you can bear it.) to clean all of the crud off.
4) blow out the crud.
5) Replace the mouse ball and cover.
6) Whack the eraser dust, potato chip crumbs, and anything else off of your mouse pad (so that you don't have to perform this same procedure two days later).

If the cursor still doesn't move smoothly, then you might have an obsolete or corrupted mouse driver, a defective mouse, or an IRQ conflict. In this case call IT support or chuck it away and buy an optical mouse.

Mark Middlebrook

Power User Series

Mark Middlebrook is president of Daedalus Consulting in Oakland, California, and contributing editor of CADALYST.

He is co-author of AutoCAD for Dummies and AutoCAD LT for Dummies, both from IDG Books.

Marks web site has a number of tutorials and articles that are not available on the Cadalyst site. His homepage is well worth a visit.

Between the Lines with Shaan Hurley

Power User Series

Shaan is a Technical Marketing Manager for the AutoCAD group which also includes Autodesk Viz and also manage most of the beta programs for Autodesk

He was previously a mechanical designer involved in various large projects before joining Autodesk in January of 1998.

He is also to be found at all hours in the Autodesk discussion groups assisting fellow users with technical issues as well as participating in some of the humorous threads. Link to his Blog.

Hyperpics Web Site

Power User Series

Lee Ambrose is the Owner/Consultant at HyperPics, LLC which was founded in 1998 as a small consulting company and is an Autodesk Authorized Developer partner. they work with clients throughout the upper Midwest and on each coast line. Over the past few years Lee has contributed to many resources of AutoCAD information from AUGI to Autodesk and many different newsletters on the internet. link to Hyperpics web site

Ellen Finkelsteins Web Site

Power User Series

Ellen Finkelstein has been using AutoCAD since 1986 and PowerPoint since 1997. She has been consulting and teaching AutoCAD as well as other computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, since 1993. Now she writes computer books and teaches Management courses. She has taught classes in Human Resource Management, Creating Usable Web Sites, and Web Writing. Her web site is a must visit resource

Lynn Allens' Blog Page

Power User Series

Lynn Allen, Cadalyst columnist and worldwide Autodesk Technical Evangelist, speaks to more than 20,000 users each year. For the past ten years she has written a monthly column in Cadalyst magazine called "Circles and Lines." Lynn started using AutoCAD® software with Release 1.4, and has taught at the corporate and collegiate level for years. A sought-after public speaker with a unique comedic style, Lynn is always one of the highest rated speakers at Autodesk University®. Lynns Blog is a must read

Introduction to the Blog

My Cadalot web site is having some hosting difficulties so whilst I'm trying to sort them out I'm shifting what I can onto this blog.

I will port over the links page first, checking that the links are still alive and the information accurate.

If there is anything you are looking for that was on the original site that you can't find drop me a line and I will up load it first.
Enjoy........ Alan (AKA Cadalot)